Hemorrhoid pillow: know the types and when it is indicated

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Used to reduce the compression and pressure of hemorrhoidal nipples, the pad contributes to the relief of symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are a disease that arises from dilated and inflamed veins located in the lower part of the rectum or anus, causing symptoms such as bleeding, pain, burning and extreme itching. being a progressive venous disease, it is necessary to adopt some precautions in the treatment to prevent it from getting worse.

In addition to correcting eating habits, such as fiber and fluid intake, the use of hemorrhoid pads may be necessary. The goal is to reduce compression and pressure on hemorrhoidal nipples, relieving symptoms, according to coloproctologist and general surgeon Alexandre Nishimura.

Most have a hollow circle in the middle, in order to adapt to the body, but there may be different shapes and made from different materials. The type must be indicated by the specialist responsible for the treatment.

Types of hemorrhoid pad

They exist five types of pillows, each made with a certain type of material. The indication may vary according to the degree of the disease and the intensity of the symptoms. Types include:

  • Latex: they are more resistant and firm and therefore suffer less deformation when sitting down. They are options most used at home, to perform tasks throughout the day;
  • Gel: it is a more malleable and comfortable model, offering good stability to the patient;
  • air inflatable: it’s a good option to carry around, like work, but it’s less stable than other pillows;
  • Polystyrene microbead: it is filled with small pieces of hard and amorphous resin, being a more resistant option than gel and latex, making it last longer;
  • inflatable water: it is a more affordable option and manages to distribute the weight of the body well.

When is the hemorrhoid pad indicated?

According to Isaac José Felippe Corrêa Neto, coloproctologist at Fleury Medicina e Saúde, the hemorrhoid pillow is indicated for patients with external hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidal thrombosis. The condition is characterized by the acute formation of clots in the hemorrhoidal vessels, resulting in the development of a nodule with edema and a purplish color on the anal margin.

As the problem causes extreme pain, the use of the pillow helps to alleviate the symptoms, as it will keep the anal area without direct contact with a surface. It is especially useful for people who sit for long periods, adds Alexander.

In addition, José Felippe points out the use of pillows in the postoperative period of hemorrhoidal disease, in which the patient may feel pain when sitting, especially in the first ten days. The choice of hemorrhoid pillow should be made by a specialist doctor, who will be able to indicate the best size and model of the product.

Precautions for using a hemorrhoid pad

The main care related to the use of the hemorrhoid pillow is the how the patient sits. On pillows that have a hole in the middle, it’s essential that the buttocks go down straight — or even closing in a little.

This is because, if the buttocks move away when the person sits down, they may be pulling on the region that should be protected. In the postoperative period, this traction can be especially harmful, as it can cause the opening of a wound, anal fissure or even the hemorrhoid prolapseworsening the inflammation.

Are hemorrhoid pads really necessary?

According to Alexandre Nishimura, the use of pillows in the treatment of hemorrhoids it is not necessary, but it may be an option for people who want to relieve symptoms. “What I always say to patients is to take actions that make them feel good and make them comfortable”, adds the specialist.

The hemorrhoid postoperative period can be a slow and painful process, depending on the procedure performed, so other recommendations can also be adopted to ease the discomfort. In addition to the use of analgesics and care in terms of nutrition and anal hygiene, the ideal is for the patient to avoid sitting directly on the region, preferring to stand or lie down.

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