6 essential products to improve sleep quality

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Pillows, earplugs, mask: keep these accessories at home to sleep better

Sleeping well makes all the difference to quality of life. A good night’s sleep puts you in a better mood, reduces stress, helps your body function properly and completely changes your mood. On World Sleep Day, celebrated this Friday (17), MinhaVida gathered six accessories to help you with a peaceful night. Check out:

  • Travel Neckrest Support Pillow Ergonomic U Shape, Silent – BRL 109.90
  • White Noise Machine – Portable Sound Machine with Night Light, AIRSEE – BRL 252.00
  • Sleeping Mask Covering Eyes Dreams, Cine Couple – BRL 21.90
  • Giant Xuxão Body Pillow 1.90m – Microfiber Fabric, Cantinho De Lar – BRL 99.90
  • Sleeping Earplugs, Sritob – BRL 45.00
  • NASA Visco Adjustable Pillow, Massage Foam and Latex, Fibrasca – BRL 111.70

Travel Neck Support Pillow, Silent

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

This neckrest pillow is extremely comfortable thanks to its soft foam and 5-second bounce technology. It helps relieve painful pressure points for relaxation and molds to the neck and shoulder contours, distributing the weight of the head evenly. available at amazon for BRL 109.90.

Portable sound machine with night light, AIRSEE

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

If you’re one of those people who needs some noise to sleep, you’ll love this portable sound machine. In addition to emitting 29 different types of sounds – which includes options such as fan and natural noise – it also provides night light, for those who don’t like absolute darkness. available at amazon for BRL 252.00.

Sleeping Mask Covering Eyes Dreams, Cine Couple

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

It may seem like freshness, but it’s not: using a sleeping mask can help a lot to improve the quality of sleep, avoiding eye contact with light. available at amazon for BRL 21.90.

Giant Body Pillow – Microfiber Fabric, Cantinho De Lar

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

There are people who only sleep well if they sleep with a spoon. But that doesn’t have to be a problem if you don’t have a partner to cuddle with. This giant body pillow makes up for the lack of another body to comfort your night, making it great for taking up a lot of space on your bed. available at amazon for BRL 99.90.

Sleeping Earplugs, Sritob

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

Now, if you don’t like hearing any sound at bedtime, try investing in earplugs, like these from Sritob. They are very comfortable, easy to clean and adapt to the shape of your ear, muffling all kinds of noise, helping you to have a quieter night. available at amazon for BRL 45.00.

Visco NASA Fibrasca Adjustable Pillow

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

This Fibrasca pillow model has three layers so you can customize the height and filling blade in the way you feel most comfortable. available at amazon for BRL 111.70.

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